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Bonni Schumann Receives 2014 Jennifer Pierce Weeks Award of Excellence

The Jennifer Pierce-Weeks Award of Excellence recognizes one nurse each year for their dedication, commitment, and compassionate care in the role of a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE). The sixth annual recipient of the JPW Award of Excellence is Bonni Schumann, RN, SANE-A.

Bonni has been a member of the Southern New Hampshire Medical Center’s SANE program since 2009 and earned her SANE-A certification in 2010. She has been a leader and a mentor, active in precepting new SANEs as well as orienting new advocates at Bridges, the local crisis center in Nashua. 

She is a caring provider who responds intuitively to her patients and unfailingly demonstrates a gentle, calming presence.  She is generous with her time and routinely spends hours working with victims and their families. For those not ready to seek help regarding past trauma, she plants the seed for them to reach out in the future, informing them of all their options and empowering them to seek support when they are ready. 

Bonni is always focused on improving the care of victims. She actively participates at National and International Association of Forensic Nurse conferences, NH SANE educational meetings, and monthly Southern New Hampshire Medical Center case reviews.  She also serves as a Victim’s Compensation Commissioner for New Hampshire and her ability to counsel victims regarding reimbursement options for their care routinely puts them at ease by removing the stress of a potential financial burden.

Bonni's dedication to her patients and colleagues is both humbling and inspiring.  Whether it be covering on-call shifts, taking a question, making a follow-up phone call for a victim in need or participating in a Bridges fundraiser, Bonni is a supportive team player of the highest caliber and a resource of unparalleled value.  Her compassion, integrity and work ethic consistently result in her patients receiving the most healing experience possible.  

A SANE is a Registered Nurse who has been specially trained to provide comprehensive, uninterrupted care to sexual assault survivors, including conducting the forensic collection of evidence. The goal of the SANE Program is to minimize the physical and psychological trauma to the victim and to maximize the probability of collecting and preserving the physical evidence of an assault for potential use in the legal system.  New Hampshire’s SANE Program is coordinated through the New Hampshire Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence.  To find out more about the NHCADSV SANE Program click here

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