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The work to end domestic and sexual violence and stalking takes the efforts of partners from diverse organizations and allies. The Coalition is proud of our collaborations that support our work on behalf of victims.  To learn more read below.

AmeriCorps Victim Assistance Program (AVAP)
The AmeriCorps Victim Assistance Program (AVAP) is a multi-agency collaboration housed by the Coalition that ensures direct services are available to victims of domestic and sexual violence and stalking throughout New Hampshire. AVAP provides members with an experience that instills a commitment to civic engagement and responsibility. The program design is responsive to local community needs in the development of services, sites for member placement and recruitment of a diverse member corps.

Members of the AmeriCorps Victim Assistance Program are placed throughout New Hampshire at crisis centers, police departments, prosecutor offices, the New Hampshire Department of Corrections, child advocacy centers, and on college and university campuses to offer support and information to victims of domestic and sexual violence and stalking.  Providing support and advocacy to victims in district court is a core component of AVAP, extending the services that are available to victims throughout the state.

AVAP is part of AmeriCorps, a national service program that offers opportunities to Americans who are interested in making a substantial commitment to serve their country through national service.

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Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) Program
The Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Program, known as SANE, is a joint project of the Coalition and the NH Department of Justice. A Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner is a Registered Nurse who has been specially trained to provide comprehensive care to sexual assault survivors, who demonstrates competency in conducting medical/forensic examinations and who has the ability to be an expert witness if a sexual assault case goes to trial. The SANE Program is run by the SANE Program Director housed at the Coalition.  The SANE Program Director is responsible for working with registered SANEs and medical professionals across the state to ensure that sexual assault victims receive consistent and professional care during forensic exams.  The NH Department of Justice convenes the SANE Advisory Board and provides certification for SANE nurses. 

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The Family Violence Prevention Specialist Program
Research shows a high correlation (40-60%) between the perpetration of domestic violence and the perpetration of child abuse and neglect (co-occurrence) in the same family. The Family Violence Prevention Specialist Program was built on the principle that abused and neglected children are best served when they can remain in a safe household with a non-violent parent.

The Family Violence Prevention Specialist program began in 1998 as a coordinated effort between the Coalition and the Division for Children, Youth, and Families (DCYF). Family Violence Specialists (FVPSs) are employed by local member programs of the Coalition, and are co-located at local District Offices of DCYF. The FVPSs are a source of assistance and training to child protective service workers (CPSW) while providing advocacy services to victims of domestic violence involved with DCYF. This program results in more effective assistance to victims through the development of interventions that recognize the adult victim’s need for support and advocacy in order to improve safety outcomes for children.

To learn more about the Family Violence Prevention Specialist program contact Natalie Ryckman at or at 224-8893, ext 306. 

Governor's Commission on Domestic and Sexual Violence
The Governor’s Commission on Domestic Violence and Sexual Violence was created in 1993 by Governor Stephen Merrill. The Commission represents all branches of government and those agencies and individuals who work with victims and perpetrators of domestic and sexual violence.  The mission of the Governor’s Commission is to develop and implement programs to reduce the level and seriousness of domestic and sexual violence in New Hampshire, and to increase awareness among the public, governmental and private agencies and the Legislative, Executive and Judicial branches of government, of the causes, effects and magnitude of domestic and sexual violence. 

The Commission is composed of eight committees, each focusing on separate goals:

Batterer Intervention Committee
Conference and Training Committee
Domestic Violence Fatality Review Committee
Protocol Committee
Public Education Committee
Research Committee
Supervised Visitation Committee
Campus Consortium on Violence Against Women


Campus Consortium
The New Hampshire Governor’s Commission Against Domestic and Sexual Violence, the New Hampshire Attorney General's Office and the New Hampshire Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence are working with New Hampshire Colleges and Universities to end violence against women on campus. The Campus Consortium Project is a state wide consortium of New Hampshire colleges and universities for the purposes of developing model policies, procedures, prevention programs and intervention activities to end violence against women on campus.

The consortium provides the opportunity for NH colleges and universities to share information and resources to end violence against women on their respective campuses. Working in cooperation with the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office and the New Hampshire Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence (NHCADSV) the Campus Consortium creates a forum where New Hampshire’s post secondary institutions can develop and implement strategies to end violence against women on their respective campuses including but not limited to a campus sexual assault policy, a campus protocol for responding to reported sexual assaults, a coordinated victim services delivery system utilizing campus and/or community based resources, a campus plan to prevent sexual assault and a plan to provide student, faculty and staff training.

For more information visit the Campus Consortium’s website

Research Partnerships
Coalition staff has participated in numerous research partnerships with professors at the University of New Hampshire and an epidemiologist from the New Hampshire Division of Public Health Services and the Institute for Health Policy and Practice at UNH.  Research has been conducted under the auspices of the Research Committee of the Governor’s Commission on Domestic and Sexual Violence, and through partnerships formed for specific research.  Notable collaborations have included replication of the National Violence Against Women survey with New Hampshire, producing the first state specific lifetime incidence data for domestic and sexual violence. 

To view recent research reports go to our Research and Statistics page.

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