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Mental Health Needs of Children Planning Project:
In 2008 the Coalition was awarded a two-year grant from the Endowment for Health to be used for a Mental Health Needs of Children Planning Project. This project is allowing the Coalition to assess resources and develop a plan to better meet the mental health needs of children and families who seek services through our member programs.

This project is designed to develop regional and local strategies to improve the mental health outcomes for children and their families who experience domestic and sexual violence in their homes; it also seeks to identify ways to strengthen the systems of care for these children and their families.

The two year plan for this project is to assess the capacity of mental health providers to address the needs of abused children and children exposed to battering, and their non-offending parent, and then enhance our member programs’ ability to address the needs of these children, either through direct services or collaborative community partnerships. 

A final report on this project was issued in 2010. Click here to read the full report.

For more information on this program 
email Linda Douglas at

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Open Doors to Safety Project
In 2008 the Coalition was awarded a discretionary grant from the Family Violence Prevention & Services Program to implement the Open Doors to Safety Project. The three year grant creates a new position for a Trauma Specialist whose work is to improve services for victims of domestic violence experiencing mental health and/or substance abuse issues. The Trauma Specialist develops and implements intensive training and technical assistance for member programs of the Coalition and community providers.

For more information on this project email Linda Douglas at
Visit the Open Doors to Safety blog for frequent updates on the project. 

Healthcare Initiative
The medical field can play a critical role in helping domestic violence victims. For over a decade the Coalition has been working on a Healthcare Initiative to educate medical professionals about domestic violence. Read more about it here.

Cut it Out:
In the Spring of 2008 the Coalition began participating in a national initiative known as Cut it Out. The goal of the campaign is to educate beauty salon professionals and others to recognize the warning signs of domestic violence and respond appropriately by safely giving clients information on how to get help.  Stylists can get involved in any of the major components of the program which include:
Awareness- Put up a poster at your salon, or display the Cut it Out Safety Cards
Education- Attend or host a Cut it Out educational seminar in your community.
Adopt-a-Crisis Center- Work with your local domestic violence agency on finding ways to support their work.

For more information on how to get involved with a training or a fundraiser contact your local Coalition member program or Maureen McDonald at 603-224-8893 extension 311,

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