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2010 statistics show increase in services

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In 2010 the member programs of the Coalition provided services to over 16,000 people, a 14.5% increase over the previous year. The statistics reflect what we already know, that our member programs are providing more services to more people.

One particularly striking statistic is the increase in child sexual assault victims. In 2009 the member programs served 489 children, in 2010 that number doubled to 990. The spike in numbers is attributed to the increased role of advocates working with the Child Advocacy Centers in their communities. The number of adult victims of sexual assault seeking services decreased by 18%, yet overall the number of sexual assault victims increased by 17%.

The total number of primary victims seeking domestic violence services increased by 15%; adult female victims  increased by 11% and adult men by 14%. The biggest jump was once again among children with the number of child  abuse victims rising from 83 to 268, an over 200% increase, and the number of children exposed to domestic violence increasing by 22%. Over the past several years there had been a trend of an increasing number of bednights spent in shelter, even though the number of guests was decreasing. The economy was preventing many people from finding permanent housing; as a result victims were spending more time in shelter which left fewer spots available for new guests. In 2010 that trend began to reverse itself, there was an increase in the number of shelter guests, but a decrease in the number of bednights.

To view a full copy of the 2010 statistics contact the Coalition office at 603-224-8893.

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