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Endowment For Health Grant to Enhance Services for Children

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The New Hampshire Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence is pleased to announce a new project, Enhancing Trauma-Informed Advocacy for Children Exposed to Violence, which will address a critical area of need for children in our communities.  

Every year approximately 10 million children witness domestic violence in their own home. This exposure can have long term effects on physical and mental health of children over the course of a lifetime. However, with the proper supports not all children exposed to violence experience these negative outcomes. With grant support from the Endowment for Health, this two year project will enhance the skills of advocates working in our member programs to support children exposed to violence.

The Coalition will work with Susan Blumenfeld from the National Center on Domestic Violence, Trauma and Mental Health, to implement Children Exposed to Domestic Violence:  A Curriculum for Domestic Violence Advocates. This curriculum was piloted effectively by two Chicago domestic violence agencies in 2007. New Hampshire is the first state to implement the curriculum on a statewide basis.

"We're thrilled to have support from the Endowment for Health, an organization with a strong commitment to children's mental health," said Amy Sousa, Interim Executive Director of the Coalition. "This project will enhance advocates' ability to reach children in need and build their resilience for a better, safer future."

The program will also focus on developing effective referrals with other community services, such as early intervention and mental health systems, and providing education for those systems on the effects of exposure to violence on children. 

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