Violence in  a Relationship is Never Justified


Domestic Violence Screening Tools

Healthcare Provider Screening Videos:
Routine confidential screening for prevention, identification, and referral.

The purpose of these videos is to demonstrate effective methods of screening and interventions for health care providers. Secondarily, the videos identify a variety of ways in which the patient experiencing domestic violence may present, and successful ways of intervening.

Scenario 1 - Direct Disclosure

Scenario 2 - Reluctant Disclosure

Scenario 3 - Teen Dating Violence 

*Important Disclosure
While each screening scenario depicts the health care professional offering immediate services from the local domestic violence crisis center, this is not always possible. For this reason, we recommend that each individual provider establish a relationship with the local crisis center, as well as an understanding of the services they are able to provide, prior to offering these services to any patient.

Additional Resources:

  • The Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study -
    The Effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences on Adult Health and Well Being
    A Decade-long and ongoing collaboration between Kaiser Permanente’s Department of Preventive Medicine in San Diego, California, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. For more information on this study go to  You can also visit the CDC website for more information.






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Call our hotlines anywhere in New Hampshire for support. Stalking victims should call the Domestic Violence Hotline. TTY available at 1-800-Relay-NH.